About Us


PT Erela was founded in 1965 by Drs Edi Handojo and Dra. Kusumawati Handojo at Jalan Erlangga, Semarang, Indonesia.

With the philosophy:
“Stay Healthy With Us”

PT Erela has a desire to be the top 20’s amongst the pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia.

Not only we expect highly potential growth of domestic market, the company also expands the opportunity for a mutual relationship with multinational companies in toll manufacturing. Since 2016, the company has been doing toll manufacturing satisfactorily for multinational companies, especially in eye drops and ear drops.

Our company warrants to constantly produce life-changing breakthroughs every day. The unification of new technologies and expertise enables amazing things to happen. in 2018, with sophisticated sterile facilities using a close system from Marchesini – Italy, New Sterile Project is created to meed the needs of the most sterile eye drops. Besides, developing and emerging markets to treat, cure, eradicate life-threatening conditions and challenge some of the most feared diseases have always been our company’s works.

We also tie in with healthcare providers, governments, and local communities to support and expand access to reliable and affordable healthcare >50 year
Our Company, Erela, has worked to make a better innovation for all who rely on us.



To be a leading pharmaceutical company in Indonesia to improve people’s life through health and vision products


To manufacture high quality products at affordable price through our values


E ffective & Efficient

R eliable

E xcellent

L ean

A gile


Discipline Timeline, planning
Integrity Honesty, morality
Reliable Trustworthy, accurateness
Innovative Openness, improvement
Teamwork Relationship, belongings
Obsessed Strong emotion, devotion
Profesional Perfection, expertise

DIRI TOP is our core, Quality is our work, Consumer is our partner.