To achieve the mission in producing the high quality products, the company does concern on two most important aspects, Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Firstly, Quality Assurance verifies the quality of the manufacturing processes being performed. It focuses on the process oriented and defect prevention before and during production. Its purpose is to have exceptional manufacturing processes in place that result in equally exceptional products. Our company has a responsibility to ensure that quality is up to standard.

In addition, Quality Control validates the quality of the output by the manufacturing process. It focuses on the product oriented and quality correction of the final product. Our company ensures to identify and correct product errors before items are shipped out to customers. Therefore, both Quality Assurance and Quality Control are significant to guarantee the consistency of the quality.
With the ISO 9001 & cGMP standard, quality is well assured and maintained throughout all departments beginning with the screening of suppliers in purchasing, closely supervised production process, to the final shipping and delivery process, including the handling of customer complaints in order to achieve total customer satisfactions in the end.


Research and Development (R&D) is responsible for the development of new products to achieve the company’s missions which are innovative & creative.
Creating new technology or information that can improve the effectiveness of products or making the production of products more efficient become R&D duties. R&D performs an important role because consistently developing and innovating medicinal products to be our company’s primary concerns.