Since 1960 the product have been marketed across Indonesia through our professional distributors.
We have also developed an international market by working together with foreign distributors and agents.
The company has established a marketing team which has grown significantly, promoting our products directly to pharmacies, doctors, hospitals and government institutions.

1. Jakarta & Banten PT. Selaras Kusuma
2. Jawa Barat PT. Selaras Kusuma
3. Jawa Tengah PT. Bharadah Sakti
4. Jawa Timur PT. Selaras Kusuma
5. Bali, NTB & NTT PT. Pentavalent
6. Sumatera Utara PT. Mestika Sakti
7. Sumatera Selatan PT. Pentavalent
8. Sumatera Barat PT. Pentavalent
9. Jambi PT. Pentavalent
10. Riau PT. Pentavalent
11. Lampung PT. Pentavalent
12. Kalimantan Barat PT. Utama Bina Farma
13. Kalimantan Selatan & Tengah PT. Pentavalent
14. Kalimantan Timur PT. Pentavalent
15. Sulawesi Utara & Gorontalo PT. Pentavalent
16. Sulawasi Selatan, Tengah & Tenggara PT. Astika Mentari Farma
17. Sumatera Selatan PT. Pentavalent/PT. Sapta Sari Tama