About Us


PT Erela was founded in 1966 by Drs Edi Handojo and Dra. Kusumawati Handojo at Jalan Erlangga, Semarang, Indonesia. With the philosophy: “Stay healthy with us” PT Erela wants to be the top 20′s amongst the pharmaceutical companies across Indonesia with 265 million populations over 13466 islands.
Not only we expect highly potential growth of domestic market, the company also expand the opportunity for a mutual relationship with multinational companies in toll manufacturing.
With the high quality GMP standard and ISO 9001:2000, the company develop more than 120 products in variety forms such as: tablets, sugar coated tablets, film coated tablets, capsules, syrups, ointment and creams, eardrops and eyedrops.
We are also entering into consumer goods market such as healthy drinks in sachet.
Since 2016 the company start to do toll manufacturing for multinational companies especially in eye drops and ear drops.
With more than 1000 employees, the company try to achieve the total value optimization through transforming global supply chain into a competitive weapon to deliver the greatest value to our customers.



To be amongst the top 20 pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia


To build a healthier society through high quality products with DIRI TOP soul, to achieve customer satisfaction.


E tos kerja tinggi dengan SDM yang berkualitas

R agam produk berkualitas tinggi dengan harga bersaing

E fektif dan efisien, sesuai peraturan

L ayanan untuk kepuasan konsumen

A ktif, Proaktif dan Inovatif


Discipline Timeline, planning
Integrity Honesty, morality
Reliable Trustworthy, accurateness
Innovative Openness, improvement
Teamwork Relationship, belongings
Obsessed Strong emotion, devotion
Profesional Perfection, expertise

DIRI TOP is our core, Quality is our work, Consumer is our partner.